23 Apr 2019
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OSLIN PIANO — Local Malaysian Piano Collaboration with German Technologies
马来西亚 OSLIN 钢琴 — 结合德国先进造琴技术,与马来西亚人体工学设计结合 打造属于马来西亚人的钢琴

Now everyone can own a new piano with OSLIN PIANO.

OSLIN PIANO is a Malaysian piano brand. It is developed and collaborated with German Technologies. It is also made in Malaysia.

OSLIN PIANO has its own tone balancing technic and strong bass, which able to balance the middle and treble tone.

The design of '3 weight touch' is suitable for beginner and also higher grade players.

The piano cover comes with the soft fall function. Thus, the piano player would not have to worry that the piano cover would fall down and injure the player.

OSLIN PIANO is a certified exam grade piano, which can be provided to the Examination Centre, for the use of piano exams.

OSLIN Piano offer 10 years warranty and 5 years free full service including tuning to customers.
Moreover, OSLIN Piano will send professional piano technician to help customers check their OSLIN piano condition every 6 months for FREE in 5 years. This is good to make sure the piano is always in good condition.


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